The Wax Crayon Mob

The Messenger

Who was present

Flint, Selina, Angelina, Kylie and Wilson.


Open your eyes

Well it all kick’s off this time with an e-mail, “TRY A WORKING VACATION IN THE TROPICS!”, this leads pretty quickly to a virtual meeting room and the usual conversations. With a bit of negotiation the party push up the price and eventually agree to go and grab a man, hold onto him for a few days then let him go again. Sounds easy, right?

Mr Johnson is planning on getting the characters to his location by public transport, i.e. a plane ride on a standard, scheduled flight, so the party decide they need to get the equipment and some of the players to location more discreetly. The party know a gnome with a submarine, it’s slower, but a lot more private than a plane. Several of the party load on the sub with all the guns and other interesting equipment and set off before the rest jet off.


Shock to the system

Some of the party arrive a couple of days before the rest and find that Mr Johnson has left them a van and keys to a safe house. While they investigate these the rest of the party slowly arrive on the sub, a boring, but safe trip. The party is now gathered in the port city of Cayenne, Guiana, and head up the road to Kourou, where the safe house is, a bungalow, in an abandoned tourist resort.


Close to the edge

The next few days are spent gathering information on the target’s location, not an easy place to access. Two islands, connected by a building / space craft launch site. Mr Johnson provides the party with a basic map, what he thinks is the best time to grab the target and of course a picture of the target. After a bit oh hunting round they buy a boat in Cayenne, a sail boat with a couple of engines. It doesn’t have much of a range but once they get the mast still sawed off it’s not much of a signature.

Up the cliffs



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