The Wax Crayon Mob

The Messenger

Who was present

Flint, Selina, Angelina, Kylie and Wilson.


Open your eyes

Well it all kick’s off this time with an e-mail, “TRY A WORKING VACATION IN THE TROPICS!”, this leads pretty quickly to a virtual meeting room and the usual conversations. With a bit of negotiation the party push up the price and eventually agree to go and grab a man, hold onto him for a few days then let him go again. Sounds easy, right?

Mr Johnson is planning on getting the characters to his location by public transport, i.e. a plane ride on a standard, scheduled flight, so the party decide they need to get the equipment and some of the players to location more discreetly. The party know a gnome with a submarine, it’s slower, but a lot more private than a plane. Several of the party load on the sub with all the guns and other interesting equipment and set off before the rest jet off.


Shock to the system

Some of the party arrive a couple of days before the rest and find that Mr Johnson has left them a van and keys to a safe house. While they investigate these the rest of the party slowly arrive on the sub, a boring, but safe trip. The party is now gathered in the port city of Cayenne, Guiana, and head up the road to Kourou, where the safe house is, a bungalow, in an abandoned tourist resort.


Close to the edge

The next few days are spent gathering information on the target’s location, not an easy place to access. Two islands, connected by a building / space craft launch site. Mr Johnson provides the party with a basic map, what he thinks is the best time to grab the target and of course a picture of the target. After a bit oh hunting round they buy a boat in Cayenne, a sail boat with a couple of engines. It doesn’t have much of a range but once they get the mast still sawed off it’s not much of a signature.

Up the cliffs

Follow the Goods

Who was present

Angelina, Flint, Selina, Kylie, Wilson, Shelly and ADPS.


Mr Johnson needs you help

We start in the building know as HQ by the group, but looks suspiciously like an old tenement block. In one of the surprisingly well equipped conference rooms, the party meets Mr Johnson, their old boss from when they were in the corporation together.

He outlines the problem, “One of our people, who has recently been through the surge, found a number of large 10 galleon oil barrels siting on the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain. Upon investigation he found them to contain what appeared to be laboratory equipment, well sealed in plastic and bubble wrap and a large bundle of corporate script, similarly wrapped. We need you to follow the equipment, find out where and to who it’s going to and see what can be gained from the lab at the far end; usual rates on all equipment / experiments retrieved.”

After getting the details of their contact, Shawn Bloue, known to Kylie, the party head forth.

To fish or not to fish

So they hire a fishing boat from a gent of the docks who is all too willing to take cash, and head over to the underwater city, Shawn lives just outside, since he got gills anyway. With the help of a divers chalk board for Shawn and pocket secretary, with a large screen, they find out where the barrels are, that Shawn got chased off by divers, about 5, 10 minutes after approaching the barrels and that barrels were fastened with metal straps, tightened via a butterfly key.

A visit to the underwater city

At this point they headed into the underwater city and to pick up some bits and pieces, and were accosted by a dozen semi drunken sailors, Angelina, put her time to the shrink to good use and negotiated them into accepting a drink or two instead of their wallets. Three diving sets, three underwater drills with appropriate attachments to undo the barrels, three diving chips and three underwater combat chips, later and they are soon parking the boat near the barrels and swimming the last few hundred yards. With keen eyes and Angelina’s skill with electronics, they diable the sensor buoy floating above the barrels and proceed to check out the barrels; contents as described, about 30 barrels.

After placing some newly acquired tracking signals (AOD), three, and three false, larger bugs, nearer the top of the barrels, they retire for the evening, and return the fishing boat.


The goods are moved to the docks, who knew…

After agood nights sleep, they hire the fishing boat for another day and head out to fish near the buoy.


Taking it easy…

Three days of fishing later they decide to try the AOD tracker. The signal has a max distance of 12Km, after a luck roll, the signal is just heading out of range along I-10 W.


Missed them again…

As they head off in the direction the goods went, they activate the AOD again find that the signal is travelling back towards New Orleans; they again give chase. The container is again dropped off back at the docks. The group decides to stay and watch; that evening a truck pulls up, emptied out the barrels onto the docks and drives off with the empty container.


And back they go

At just gone 1am the barrels are loaded into a metal net and a crane driver drops into the water at the side of the docks.


Back to the beginning

The barrels are moved, somehow, no one sees how, back to their hiding space in the lake. Upon heading back to the hiding space the group find the buoy being repaired so they settle down to fish. When the repair crew have gone for at least an hour, Angelina rigs the sensor again, so they can turn it back on when they have gone and go look in the barrels, they find them empty apart from their tracking signals and fakes, which they take back for now.

Who drove whom..

They check out the haulage company that was moving the container and find it’s a one man band. A small bribe later, followed by a larger one as a tip, the driver tells them that he has done the trip for several months, once a week at the some time, and back the next day.


Take two…

The tracking signals are again placed and the barrels are again taken to the docks and this time they watch intently. They chase the goods down I-10 W and US-90 W which eventually pulls into a lay by, a temporary food cabin, that looks like its been there for decades and with several truckers enjoying the food. The truck containing the goods drops off its container on its trailer next to several others and leaves. The groups decide to come back the next day and check it out.


So you want to try for third time lucky?

Your probably getting a feeling for the group’s “luck” about now, you guessed it, the container is again being returned back to the docks.


Watch, wait and chase

The group patiently watch the container over night and have even done a little pre planning and acquired a hovercraft big enough to take them all, an old school bus used in the more swamp like areas, re-painted it in a nice camouflage and changed the plates. Half a dozen air boats turn up that night with a dozen thugs, heavily armoured with Elvis style jump suits on top ans start emptying the barrels onto their boats. So a real chase begins and Angelina proves her usefulness again by rigging the boat at 90 mph through trees, swamp, and various other obstacles to the drop off point for the goods.

Ah… the secret lab

Shortly after the drop off a small hover truck turns up and a Renraku guard steps out and loads the good. A much more sedate journey later and the groups is looking at a camp in a section of swamp. Four huge trees stand with a three-story building suspended between them, the canopy is at least a hundred feet above. Around the base of the trees stand four porta-cabins on short stilts, one of which still has its lights on, a fence runs around the lot with a diameter of 150m to the compound and a walkway just inside the fence with two guards circling at opposite sides.

Go, go, go……

Adps aims, Flint summons his elemental’s and takes on the guarding spirit’s, the rest open fire or run for the camp, in the confusion Angelina gets mind fraged by a mage which seriously hurts her and several grenades are thrown. One hitting perfectly and taking out half a porta-cabin, the other hitting one of the big trees. The tree screams in pain letting out a wave of energy that leaves everyone reeling in pain….

Then I ran out of time :(


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